Java EE 6 Development Training Course


Possible training language: English, German

The training is a solid introduction to Java EE including latest extensions like CDI. It explains most features and provides the participant with a good knowledge of JEE concepts. After the training the student is ready to develop JEE based applications, is aware of common pitfalls and has a general knowledge about architecture.

The training covers 3 days and includes a large number of practical labs including a complete prototype web application.

Your trainer is Sebastian Hennebrueder.

How to book?

Contact me for a training in Frankfurt/Germany or an onsite trainings in your office.

Duration 3 days – 18 hours

Price net 1725 EUR, Price incl. VAT 2052.85 EUR

Target Customer

Java developers who have limited or no experience with Java Persistence needing a complete and solid training. Java knowledge and experience with JDBC based application is required.

Provided material

Printed copy of slides

Paper Book Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1

Table of Content

Day 1


  1. JEE Overview (Business Logic, Object Relational Mapping, Web Services)
  2. Application Server

JEE Bussiness Logic und Web Services

  1. Session Beans
  2. Dependency Injection
  3. REST Services mit JSON
  4. Integration von Eclipse IDE und JBoss
  5. Lab: REST Service with Session Beans, Deployment using Jboss Wildfire

Testing JEE Application

  1. Why test automatization?
  2. Test levels (Unit, integration, acceptance tests)
  3. Unit tests with Junit, Mockito
  4. Accceptance Testing REST Services with Ruby
  5. Testing Deployed Applications with Arquillian
  6. Lab

Session Bean Details

  1. Local and Remote access
  2. JNDI binding
  3. Stateless, Stateful, Singleton
  4. Lifecycle
  5. Lab

Day 2

WEB Services

  1. Exposing data as JSON, XML
  2. Consuming data in JSON, XML
  3. Clean REST services
  4. HTTPprotocol
  5. Error handling
  6. Lab

Application Design

  1. Layering of Application
  2. Transaction handling
  3. Security
  4. Logging
  5. Lab: Layered Application using Angular JS, REST Service and Session Beans


  1. Basic concepts
  2. Configuration (Data source, Simple Tuning, Logging)
  3. JBoss console for Runtime Operations
  4. JBoss domain mode
  5. Cluster deployment

Day 3


  1. Asynchronuous data processing
  2. Message Broker Integration in JEE
  3. Lab: Message Driven Beans und Test

Dependency Injection

  1. CDI alternative to Session Beans
  2. Producer
  3. Lab Producer
  4. Interceptors
  5. Transaction Handling and Persistence Context
  6. Lab Transaction, Interceptors
  7. CDI differences to Session Beans
  8. Mixed Session Bean CDI Architecture
  9. Events
  10. CDI event Lab