Hibernate Training – 3 days


Possible training language: English, German

The training is a solid introduction to Hibernate. It explains most features of Hibernate and provides the participant with a good knowledge of Hibernate concepts. After the training the student is ready to develop Hibernate based applications, is aware of common pitfalls and has a general knowledge about architecture.

The training covers 3 days and includes a large number of practical labs including a complete prototype web application.

Your trainer is Sebastian Hennebrueder.

How to book?

Contact me for a training in Frankfurt/Germany or an onsite trainings in your office.

Duration 3 days – 18 hours

Price net 1725 EUR, Price incl. VAT 2052.75 EUR

Target Customer

Java developers who have limited or no experience with Hibernate needing a complete and solid training. Java knowledge and experience with JDBC based application is required.

Provided material

Printed copy of slides

eBook Hibernate Developer Guide (Author Sebastian Hennebrueder)

Table of Content …

Day One

1 Introduction

2 Mapping of properties

3 Understanding Hibernate Concepts – State of objects

4 Working with Objects

5 Configuration

* Application connection pools, container connection pools, JNDI

6 Relations

Day Two

7 Querying

8 Understanding Hibernate Concepts – Lazy loading

9 Inheritance

10 Understanding Hibernate Concepts – Hibernate Session

11 Transaction and Exception handling

12 Concurrent Access

Day Three

13 Architecture

14 Testing

15 Writing a prototype application

Practical session where the student completes a full web application applying a number of best practices and design pattern he has learned during the training.